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About us

This Web site is intended to be a resource to both current and prospective homeowners of Northshore. It provides updates on Board activities, information relating to governance of the Association and issues that are of interest to all Northshore home and property owners.


The 2022 Annual Calendar Year Dues were $275. $175 is contributed to the Silver Springs Master Association and $100 is for the use of the Northshore HOA.  The annual dues will increase to $375 in 2023.  $275 will be contributed to the Silver Springs Master Association.


The Northshore subdivision is part of the Silver Springs Master Association. A portion of the annual Northshore dues collected are paid to the Master Association for the upkeep and maintenance of the Master Association amenities like the lakes, trails and tennis courts.  See for information about the Master Association.

Contact Us


Mail:    Northshore HOA - P.O. Box 980352 - Park City, UT 84098


Attn: Brenda Lake - Northshore HOA Manager

Phone: 435-640-1150

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